Who is the best roofing contractor in Spokane? How do I choose?


Depending on who you ask you are going to get very different answers to this question. Why might you find different answers? First, the obvious, personal bias from company owners and employees. (We of course would say Heritage Roofing & Construction is the best choice for roofing in Spokane.) Second, and less obvious, is how your personal needs align with company values. We will admit there isn’t one ‘best contractor’ that fits every homeowner. With that in mind, how do you select a roofing contractor?

  1. Licensed, Bonded, Insured: The most important detail in hiring a contractor is ensuring that they are licensed, bonded and insured. If you are unable to confirm these three things, their bid should be thrown out. As a homeowner, a low price may be enticing, but realize that comparing bids of licensed contractors to unlicensed contractors you are not comparing “apples to apples.” Part of the service being provided to you by a licensed contractor is the protection and security of insurance coverage should a problem arise.
  1. Shop Local & Avoid ‘Storm Chasers’: Choosing a local company is important for many reasons. Have you ever noticed that after a big storm contractors are knocking on your door, or calling you on the phone? There are many companies nationally that chase storms. They track the national weather and travel to places with large amounts of storm damage. While some may do quality work, the biggest problem here is that if a problem happens six months down the road, they won’t be around to fix it. With ‘storm chasers’ you essentially get no warranty. When shopping local, you’ll not only help stimulate the local economy, you’ll have someone to call for any future roofing needs. Heritage Roofing & Construction provides a 10-year workmanship warranty standard on all roofs we install, and offers product warranties from 25-50 years.
  1. Online Reputation: In today’s day and age, online reviews are one of the easiest ways to do research on a company you are considering. Websites such as the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, Facebook, and Google allow for you to read reviews for free from past customers. Additionally, check out their website and social media pages. What are they posting? Do you like what you see?
  1. Check References: While a large part of the reference checking can now be done online, it doesn’t hurt to ask your contractor for a list of references. Oftentimes this will allow you to ask a former customer specific questions, and even seen real examples of the contractor’s work in person.
  1. Manufacturer Certifications: Manufacturer Certifications are one way for contractors to set themselves apart from their competition. Most roofing manufacturers have tiered programs a contractor can join. They typically allow any licensed contractor to join their lower tier, and invite industry leaders to join their preferred tiers. Heritage Roofing & Construction is a GAF Master Elite contractor. GAF, founded in 1886, is North America’s largest roofing manufacturer. Their Master Elite program is restricted to the top 3% of the market, and requires that the contractor participates in ongoing training, maintains the highest quality standards, and exercises good business practices.
  1. Price isn’t Everything: Choosing a roofing contractor based solely on price is never a sound decision. Comparing bids is wise, but going with the lowest one based solely on price is not. Any reputable contractor has mandatory overhead costs put in place to protect you. Those ‘fly-by-night’ operations that don’t do business properly will always be able to offer a lower price upfront, but in the long run customers who use price as their sole criteria end up paying more money to fix problems.

We welcome any opportunity to answer questions, and explain to you why we feel Heritage Roofing & Construction is the best choice for roofing in Spokane. Call today with any questions or to schedule a free estimate with Spokane’s residential roofing specialists.